A New Fat Loss Paradigm

The Orthodoxy

To “lose weight” just “cut calories” and “move more”.

Anybody who has put on too much fat has gotten that advice.

And when you failed (as most do) it was “your fault”.

You just didn’t “have the willpower”.

As if being hungry for months on end and doing an hour of cardio every day is sustainable!

But you got even fatter after you went back to your regular way of living.

And now you’re frustrated.

Want To Feel Lighter?

You’ve tried everything and nothing has worked.

You put up with all the discomfort but ended up with nothing except dissatisfaction.

You’re tired of your big “something” – jowels, neck fat, man boobs, waist tire, gut, ass, hips…

You hate the achy joints and low energy.

You’re concerned about the very real risk of serious medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

You feel like you are missing out on fun activities like playing with your children or grandchildren or tennis or golf with friends.

And you are sick of feeling self-conscious at weddings and reunions and at the beach or lake.

Why The Orthodoxy Fails

So why does conventional advice fail so many people?

Simply stated, the Calories In, Calories Out (CICO) model is not valid.

It doesn’t work!

We are not a furnace or engine, where you burn fuel and produce a particular output.

Food is, in fact, used for energy production but also for repairing existing tissue, recycling the materials in damaged tissue, and building new tissue, among other things.

People do initially lose “weight” by reducing their caloric inputs and increasing their caloric expenditures.

But their bodies adapt to the new energy state and slow metabolism accordingly.

Hormones change the magnitude and duration of their responses and cells change their sensitivities to the hormones they are presented with.

And the weight lost is often a part of their body that is at the working end of metabolism, their muscles.

We all need healthy, functional muscles, and that is as true for women as it is for men, as well as for people at any age.

But the greater problem with CICO is that it evades the fact that gaining fat, losing fat, gaining muscle, and losing muscle each utilizes different sets of physiological mechanisms.

The Fat Burners’ Approach

Francis Bacon instructed us hundreds of years ago that “Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed”.

In other words, if we wish to have a given effect we must cause it to happen via a specific means.

If we want our car to move we must put it in gear and press the gas pedal.

Want To Be Lean?

If we want it to change direction we have to turn the steering wheel.

Our bodies are more complicated than any car or machine we’ve conceived.

Yet we have mechanisms, similar to a car’s gas pedal or steering wheel, we can utilize to get various results.

Science has identified those mechanisms and informs us how to manipulate them.

In fact we have a large set of hormones, enzymes, mitochondria, etc. that have various effects and can be controlled through associated mechanisms.

They determine when tissues get torn down or when they get built up.

They regulate our metabolic rate and when we feel hungry or satiated.

They affect how much energy we produce and how effficiently we produce it.

We can control these mechanisms by which nutrients we consume, in what ratios, and at what time we consume them.

Our systems respond to which exercises we do, when we do them, and at what level of intensity we do them.

Numerous other behaviors impact the mechanisms as well.

And many hormones have daily cycles which can be exploited to our benefit.

While we usually think of our genetics as determining our destiny, science tells us we can affect gene expression.

That means our body can change how it fundamentally operates.

We can become Fat Burners.

I did.

Who Am I?

My name is David Ayer. I’m 6 feet tall, weigh 175 pounds, and have a resting heart rate of 48.

I’m 56 years young and have a moderate amount of muscle and low body fat.

Not bad for an old dude!

Yet I am a sedentary engineer who doesn’t exercise very much.

In fact I sit on my ass or lie down about 97% of the time.

I eat lots of good tasting food, am never hungry, and always have meals I really enjoy and look forwards to.

I do not take dangerous performance enhancers like exogenous hormones, steroids or amphetamines.

And I do not have particularly good genetics. I have a thin frame with weak connective tissue and short muscle bellies – so I could never be strong, fast, large, etc.

I haven’t always been this fit or lean or healthy.

As a teen I was very athletic. I played on varsity teams in two sports and trained like crazy.

I was built like I am now (even though I’m kind of old now and do a fraction of the exercise I did then!).

When I went to engineering school I was so busy I stopped exercising and ate junk.

After graduation I increased my bad habits. After all I had a “fast metabolism” and was fairly skinny and now I had some money.

I thought I could get away with it. Boy was I wrong!

By my early thirties I had lost 25 pounds of muscle and gained 15 pounds of fat!

I was a skinny guy with pencil arms and a big tire around my waist.

I felt like crap and looked like it!

So how did I turn things around?

It took years of study and experimentation, but I gathered a large set of scientifically proven strategies and tactics that can be successfully employed by just about anyone.

They help you to release and burn fat, enhance metabolism to keep the fat off, and become healthier and more energetic.

These strategies and tactics are at the heart of my Fat Loss Coaching.

They target your body at the level of cells and hormones and treat your body as the complex, adaptive system that it is.

For over 3 1/2 decades my engineering work has focused on such systems, with large numbers of interacting parts that exhibit dynamic, nonlinear behaviors.

At the same time my Fat Loss Coaching is highly personalized and customized, taking into account your body and your preferences.

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