Fat Burners’ Philosophy

A Lifelong Personal Journey

We seek to thrive, not just survive, and definitely not to suffer.

We want to be reasonably lean, fit and healthy, and are not interested in extremes (of diet, exercise, muscle, fat, etc).

We want to live long lives with functional, energetic bodies and minds, so we are unwilling to take risky steps to achieve our goals.

Life is to be enjoyed, and that includes food and movement.

Humans are complex, adaptive systems with many moving parts and mechanisms.

Our bodies work as they do and must be worked with, not against.

We acknowledge there is no magic tactic or magic pill.

No single strategy for fat loss works very well or for very long.

We use multiple strategies applied moderately at the same time for maximum effect.

Long-lasting change is made gradually one step at a time.

Effort is required, but not an unacceptable level of discomfort.

Our efforts must be consistent and sustainable and be a regular part of our lifestyle.

We succeed because of the sum of our efforts over time.

Our preferences, life situations and genetics make us unique.

We must create habits that suit us as individuals and we can live comfortably with.