Fat Loss Coaching

I work one on one with you to teach your body to be a Fat Burner!

Want This Kind Of Energy?

I will gradually introduce a set of changes

that exploit your body’s natural mechanisms,

to prefer fat as fuel,

to release stored fat,

to burn it in muscle cells,

and to keep it off.

It will be your choice how quickly the changes are made.

You decide how intensely to pursue the fat level you want.

You determine the results.

I will provide you with so many fat loss and metabolism-increasing options it will be hard not to succeed!

Factors in the Fat Burners’ Approach

Most “Weight Loss” programs consider only a single factor, such as portion size, glycemic index, or insulin sensitivity.

Single factor strategies are limited in their impact and duration.

The Fat Burners’ integrated multi-strategy approach takes into account:

  • Catabolic Hormones
  • Anabolic Hormones
  • Metabolic Regulatory Hormones
  • Hunger and Satiety Hormones
  • Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Efficiency (Cellular Energy Production)
  • Muscle Fiber Types
  • Muscle Energy Production Types
  • Nutrient Timing
  • Nutrient Types
  • Nutrient Ratios
  • Exercise Types
  • Exercise Timing
  • Exercise Protocols
  • Supplements for Fat, Muscle, Metabolism, Hormones, Sleep, and Stress
  • Acute Stress
  • Chronic Stress
  • Intestinal Microbiota (i.e. Gut Bacteria)
  • System Adaptations
  • Gene Expression
  • Inflammation
  • Age
  • Sleep
  • Habit Formation
  • Positive Psychology
  • Autophagy
  • Solar Radiation
  • Synergy Between Strategies

What You Will Learn

These are just a sample of the things you could learn during Fat Loss Coaching:

  • Which foods are guaranteed to cause fat gain
  • How to cheat and not gain much fat
  • When doing nothing is the best fat burning strategy
  • How chronic stress causes fat gain
  • Why lots of cardio produces negative effects
  • The foods you can eat in unlimited amounts
  • How to naturally increase testosterone (and why women also need this)
  • When shorter workouts produce more fat loss and muscle preservation
  • How to change your gut bacteria to decrease your fat levels
  • Which dietary fats are beneficial and which ones hurt you
  • The way to naturally increase human growth hormone
  • How to increase exercise intensity without increasing discomfort
  • When to skip exercising for optimal results
  • How sunshine and sleep affect your body composition
  • When low intensity movement can supercharge your results
  • How chronic inflammation hurts fat loss and how to avoid it
  • …and a great deal more

Fat Loss Coaching Plans

Maintaining a lean state is easy!

We have two Fat Loss Coaching Plans, one with weekly coaching sessions, the other monthly.

The Weekly Coaching Plan is more intensive and provides greater oversight.

The Monthly Coaching Plan is geared towards individuals who prefer to operate with increased self-direction.

Included in the Weekly Coaching Plan are a 25 minute weekly Evaluation Session of your Tracking Log (more on that later), a 25 minute weekly phone-based Coaching Session, and Email Support (*1 coaching question per week).

The Monthly Coaching Plan has a monthly 50 minute Tracking Log Evaluation Session, a **25 minute monthly Coaching Session, and Email Support (*1 coaching question per week).

Neither plan requires a contract and you can cancel whenever you wish.

And signing up is easy.

How It Works

Each week you will record your steps and progress in a Tracking Log.

I will show you what I want later, but don’t worry, it’s easy (if you want see now take a look at the Tracking Log Guide).

I read and analyze your Tracking Log privately in the quiet of my office during the Evaluation Session(s).

That allows me to determine which changes to recommend (and we will be able to spend our coaching sessions digging deeper instead of collecting information!).

During our Coaching Sessions we will discuss recent steps you’ve taken, your progress, and some new changes for you to make.

You are free to ask questions, provide feedback, or direct the session in any way you wish.

And remember you determine how quickly the changes are made.

The Weekly Coaching Plan costs $49 per week, billed monthly ($212.33).

The Monthly Coaching Plan is billed at $74 monthly.

If you have any questions please contact us at ClientServices@BeAFatBurner.com or me at Dave@BeAFatburner.com or use the Contact form.

I look forwards to working with you!












P.S. If you are uncertain if Fat Loss Coaching is for you please have a look at the Fat Burners’ Philosophy

* You are free to email us multiple times about account questions.

** You may be wondering “what’s up with the 25 minute intervals?”. I use the Pomodoro Technique for productivity and time management. In a nutshell you work intensely focused on one thing for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. Highly recommended!

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